16 December 2011

MyNoc / Icon design for iPad App GUI

Icon design for NEWoldcamera iPad App. Current version now available for download in iTunes.
+> developer: I.Motion Srl / download free / compatible with iPad

04 December 2011

Koshi-koba restaurant / menu renewal

Currently I'm working on several projects with Koshi-koba restaurant. This is a menu renewal design and using ideography was my design concept. I completed the design and print recently.

03 December 2011

making security warning tape / illustration

Recently I got a call from my friend Ryuichi at Newoldcamera to design their personalized adhesive tape for packaging, and he asked me making some different solution for security...

02 December 2011

in my mind

+> Eleanor Roosevelt

28 November 2011

3/11 Tsunami Photo Project / Package design

This casket is a special album of 3/11 Japan Tsunami pictures taken by italian professional photographer Giulio Di Sturco. He is one of 3/11 project photographer and his exhibition is open now at the Openmind gallery in Milan. I recently have finished to design and produced a limited-edition of 40 in Italy. Now goes on sale on the website of the Newoldcamera.com. All proceeds will be kindly donated to Japanese Red Cross Society and will be used for helping the victims rebuilt their lives that have been washed away. Special thanks to Aurelio.
+> product info. - handmade casket / size 190x140x18 mm / linen paper / contain 10 photographies

24 November 2011

3/11 Tsunami Photo Project / Exhibition

Completed installation, now we are ready to go!
I recently collaborated with an italian photographer Giulio Di Struco and Openmind gallery to design and produce their Japan Tsunami photo project album for sale to help the victims in Japan. Now the project on exhibit and the albums are ready to go on sale. I'm glad to work with them.

18 November 2011

forkeat / event photography

Dinner is performance!
Handmade artist Giovanni Scafuro created an very special & unique idea for dinner using his products. This special event was performed last sunday night and all guests invited had to use his particular forks and spoons for eating, 50 cm long fork, spoon having many holes... :-)
I worked as photographer during the event, here are my photos taken.
+> http://www.forkeat.it/zerodue_restaurant.htm

12 November 2011

Gaya / Brand Identity + print

Identity and business card design for the Gaya restaurant. This is printed by traditional method on the recycled paper.

28 October 2011

forkeat / print

Postcard design / size 105 x 148, photography + post production + illustration

15 October 2011

forkeat / photography

Recently I worked for event promotion by Giovanni Scafuro. I made this image to create a DM postcard for him.
photography 80% + post production 20%

08 October 2011

Leica 24 x 36 / the Italian photo competition

Now I'm joining the photo competition on the Italian LEICA web site with three pictures, this image is one of them. I love photography, it helps me to remember emotional moments on my life. And when someone looks at my photo and he can feel emotional, it will be no more just mine, it becomes his too. This is a very wonderful thing. I linked to the web site, if you want, you can see my another pictures by the link.
+> http://www.lab.leica-camera.it/jspleica/schedats.jsp?d=0&ts=1317678821000

06 October 2011

In my mind

In this morning I saw the biggest news in the world, the Apple co-founder Steve jobs died yesterday. - October 5, 2011. I feel very sorry for him and I am sure that all of the world will remember his life and works. I've been a fan and follower of the Apple way - I bought my first Apple product in 1994. Today I'd like to remember a powerful commencement speech Jobs gave at Stanford University a few years ago. This is one part we all should remember:

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

R.I.P. Steve

I linked to a full text and video of Job's speech at Stanford Univ.

+> http://news.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.html

24 September 2011

vector illustration for installation fashion show

This was a main visual image of the ETRO donna SS2012 show during the Milan fashion weeks.
I have made this image in vector because client asked me an enourmous size for installation.
> installation at ETRO SS2012 fashion show, life size 1950 x 1000 cm, using tool Adobe Illustrator CS4

18 July 2011

What I take with me before going out / photowork

From top left business card case, iPhone, wallet, led lantern, automatic watch, military water bottle, passport, Polaroid SX70

13 July 2011

'Lo Spettacolo Del Nulla' by Dino Silingardi

LO SPETTACOLO DEL NULLA by Dino Silingardi - An exhibition now at the OPENMIND gallery, I stopped by there for visiting opening ceremony last week.

02 July 2011

Opening Ceremony Sale - BEAT in Milan

Last Saturday, I dropped by for opening ceremony summer season sale at the 'BEAT' store, I took some shots and enjoyed some drinks, it was fun, I had a good time.

+> Milan’ two biggest sale seasons are in July and January. Sales are called “saldi” in Milan, so you’ll be seeing this word cropping up all around the city in July. The summer sale season truly starts off with a bang, with virtually every brand offering their entire line at discounts as deep as 30-50% off! And as if that wasn’t deep enough, generally prices fall an additional 20% off during the latter part of the sales season! (The sales period tends to last 6 weeks.)

+> Shop info. - BEAT INDEPENDENT OUTLET / Via Urbano III, 20123 Milano / +(39) 02 58112801

21 June 2011

Launching another website

I've launched one more. Check it out. [ Thanks to Daniela and Max ]

18 June 2011

in my mind

_ Mieke Gerritzen

11 June 2011

Web design+building+photography by onemanAgency

Home section view

Menu section view

Food & Still life photography

I have launched website of the Gaya restaurant lately, heres a screenshot of what's on the way...
+> www.gayaristorante.com

10 June 2011

An amazing stuff

How about this? I guess probably it will be something new you've never seen before. This is one of handmade products by Giovanni Scafuro. He is a very talented artist based in Milan and is my good friend. If you like this piece, check out his website. I'm sure that you will find a lot of something else.
+> www.giovanniscafuro.it

13 May 2011

in my mind

This is a last page view of my favorite book about brand identity. Keep it simple, simple is better!
/ Brand Identity Essentials by Kevin Budelmann, Yang Kim, Curt Wozniak - Rockport

02 May 2011

Gaya korean restaurant / Web site

I created this image for the first page of Gaya's website. Gaya is a korean family restaurant in Milan, I'm currently working in developing their web identity and website. The project is started three weeks ago, launching website will be soon.

13 April 2011

minimal design wallpaper for macbook pro & iPhone user

This is my suggestion of wallpaper for who prefer minimal design, especially for mac users. It's clean and simple. If you like that, you can download it. Just one click the link which you like, copy it and paste on your desktop. Enjoy it.

wall_light grey with logo_1680x1050
wall_light grey without logo_1680x1050
wall_medium grey with logo_1680x1050
wall_medium grey without logo_1680x1050
wall_dark grey with logo_1680x1050
wall_dark grey without logo_1680x1050

iP_light grey logo_640x960
iP_light grey_640x960
iP_medium grey logo640x960
iP_medium grey_640x960

28 March 2011

In the making my business identity kit

Although I began my blog site a month ago, some pages are not completed, sorry about it. In fact I'm little busy in these days, but I keep at completing as soon as maybe, now I'm making application of my business identity kit.

27 March 2011

18 March 2011

+001 spirographic shape

From long ago I was interested in spirograph or grid design, but I had no any idea how to study. Now and then I wished finding some book about it in liberary or book store and I'm looking for some examples in design directories on the websites. This is a one of my studies show you for the first time, and I continue to study...