25 February 2011

Newoldcamera BC renewal

Newoldcamera is a very famous shop between camera mania, amature photographers and collectors, deals in various type of old camera, classic camera in higher class and some kind of stuff collectable. It's founded by Ryuichi Watanabe, he is deeply passionated by world of photography, loves his work and gives a healthy smile to visiters day by day. So I've tried bring his smile on the business card, it's a product concept of this renewal form.

15 February 2011

case study_e-commerce NOBLESSE

project e-commerce + interface design

11 February 2011

Business card design for FANITALIA srl

Installation Exhibition

We've had an exhibition with launching brand OTTO DI CUORI, it's performed in the OPENMIND galley,
I worked in collaboration for a month and I've had a really good time.
> Special thanks to founder of the OPENMINDgalley Sig. Ryuichi Watanabe


10 February 2011

project e-commerce OTTO DI CUORI

OTTO DI CUORI is a new brand born of italian handmade bicycle culture, each single bicycle is a unique design having a high sensibitily of styling. The project is founded by Christian Cagnola, he is very smart and is deeply passionated by bicycle design and culture, when he brought this idea to me for the first time, the project seemed very exciting to me and also i'm so interested in performing of bicycle styling because I love the italian classic bicycle styles so much. And then we started. The web site is launched in June 2010. But it's not yet completed, the project will be continue...

08 February 2011

magazine Ad for OPENMINDgallery

OPENMIND gallery is an essential spece for just reportage-photo exhibition managed by Newoldcamera in Milan.
This single page is made for launching it on the new photojournalism magazine 'rearviewmirror'.
> format 170 x 240 mm / July 2009

07 February 2011

Beautiful detail of material

Last year I've spent some months working in collaboration with a fashion designer based in Milan.
He also does female accessory design and producing, these are some macro photos of materials used by him for making bijous. It has a beautiful detail, very interesting.

05 February 2011

Business card + coupon design for Mrs. Whang :-)

Mrs. Whang is an owner of a korean alimentary store in Milan, she is alway smile and very kind to me.
I don't often go there but, each time go there, she offer discount always to me, yeh. One day she asked me to make these things. It was my pleasure.

Illustration for pub restaurant Autogrill Italia

This is not my recent work, I did it for a client of my friend two years ago, but I want to show you
because I like to remember one thing today. When I was in high school, I dreamed becoming author of comic book, I really, really loved many characters in comics, then studied a lot of drawing day by day.
Till now my right hand remembers well the skill, I want to continue drawing of comic charactors as my hobby or work. I hope to get some work like creating many charactors sooner or later.

04 February 2011

It's my workstation

How are you, there?

I started blogging from here, and stay more than 12 hours a day for working and thinking about my project.
Have a nice day, everyone.