02 July 2011

Opening Ceremony Sale - BEAT in Milan

Last Saturday, I dropped by for opening ceremony summer season sale at the 'BEAT' store, I took some shots and enjoyed some drinks, it was fun, I had a good time.

+> Milan’ two biggest sale seasons are in July and January. Sales are called “saldi” in Milan, so you’ll be seeing this word cropping up all around the city in July. The summer sale season truly starts off with a bang, with virtually every brand offering their entire line at discounts as deep as 30-50% off! And as if that wasn’t deep enough, generally prices fall an additional 20% off during the latter part of the sales season! (The sales period tends to last 6 weeks.)

+> Shop info. - BEAT INDEPENDENT OUTLET / Via Urbano III, 20123 Milano / +(39) 02 58112801