28 March 2011

In the making my business identity kit

Although I began my blog site a month ago, some pages are not completed, sorry about it. In fact I'm little busy in these days, but I keep at completing as soon as maybe, now I'm making application of my business identity kit.

27 March 2011

18 March 2011

+001 spirographic shape

From long ago I was interested in spirograph or grid design, but I had no any idea how to study. Now and then I wished finding some book about it in liberary or book store and I'm looking for some examples in design directories on the websites. This is a one of my studies show you for the first time, and I continue to study...

12 March 2011

project in progress / UP Studio Milano

Site in under construction, I keep going at work :-) 

11 March 2011

disc cover design for OSX

02 March 2011

Greeting card of the last Christmas season for UP Studio

Strangely I've never had any kind of a work like making greeting card for the last ten years. I don't know why, maybe I wasn't interested or simply i can tell you I've never had any chance. So when my friend made request for this, I answered 'yes' immediately because this work is enjoyable to me. I give thanks to Roberta, Alessandro and Angelo :-)