21 June 2011

Launching another website

I've launched one more. Check it out. [ Thanks to Daniela and Max ]

18 June 2011

in my mind

_ Mieke Gerritzen

11 June 2011

Web design+building+photography by onemanAgency

Home section view

Menu section view

Food & Still life photography

I have launched website of the Gaya restaurant lately, heres a screenshot of what's on the way...
+> www.gayaristorante.com

10 June 2011

An amazing stuff

How about this? I guess probably it will be something new you've never seen before. This is one of handmade products by Giovanni Scafuro. He is a very talented artist based in Milan and is my good friend. If you like this piece, check out his website. I'm sure that you will find a lot of something else.
+> www.giovanniscafuro.it