28 November 2011

3/11 Tsunami Photo Project / Package design

This casket is a special album of 3/11 Japan Tsunami pictures taken by italian professional photographer Giulio Di Sturco. He is one of 3/11 project photographer and his exhibition is open now at the Openmind gallery in Milan. I recently have finished to design and produced a limited-edition of 40 in Italy. Now goes on sale on the website of the Newoldcamera.com. All proceeds will be kindly donated to Japanese Red Cross Society and will be used for helping the victims rebuilt their lives that have been washed away. Special thanks to Aurelio.
+> product info. - handmade casket / size 190x140x18 mm / linen paper / contain 10 photographies

24 November 2011

3/11 Tsunami Photo Project / Exhibition

Completed installation, now we are ready to go!
I recently collaborated with an italian photographer Giulio Di Struco and Openmind gallery to design and produce their Japan Tsunami photo project album for sale to help the victims in Japan. Now the project on exhibit and the albums are ready to go on sale. I'm glad to work with them.

18 November 2011

forkeat / event photography

Dinner is performance!
Handmade artist Giovanni Scafuro created an very special & unique idea for dinner using his products. This special event was performed last sunday night and all guests invited had to use his particular forks and spoons for eating, 50 cm long fork, spoon having many holes... :-)
I worked as photographer during the event, here are my photos taken.
+> http://www.forkeat.it/zerodue_restaurant.htm

12 November 2011

Gaya / Brand Identity + print

Identity and business card design for the Gaya restaurant. This is printed by traditional method on the recycled paper.